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Business Growth Solutions and Resources

FREE Business Plan Template

Download a FREE Business Plan Template and get your business set up CORRECTLY from the very beginning! This simple template will help you, even if you've never written a business plan.

FREE Mastermind Sessions

Join Jay every weekday from 11a-1p EST for the Fight For Your Business Mastermind Sessions. This is your FREE invitation to register for UNLIMITED visitation.

Bring your business questions and specific issues you're facing and be ready to get the answers you need to start or scale your organization.

The Holy Grail

Written by Jay Handler, The Holy Grail is the ONLY AI prompt you'll ever need in your business. With the Holy Grail, you'll be able to create every business document you can imagine (and many you never knew existed), every strategy you'll ever need, and every tactic you'll ever need to employ!

ICP Workbook

In order to EFFICIENTLY communicate with your target audience, you must understand them at an insanely high level.

If you don't already know the demographics, sociographics, psychographics, needs, wants, fears, buying behaviors and more for YOUR Ideal Customer Profile, the ICP Workbook is for you!

The Acceleration Academy

By FAR the most engaged, efficient, effective group coaching program ever seen, The Acceleration Academy actually utilize more of a HYBRID approach, with recorded content, weekly group sessions, and even monthly one-on-one sessions to discuss YOUR business issues specifically.

Not only that, but it's priced so that literally EVERY business owner or leader can afford to join!

Quantum Leap

Looking for a faster ROI on your coaching? The Quantum Leap program offers just that in a 1:1 setting where we can focus EXCLUSIVELY on you and your needs.

With programs lasting 13-weeks, 26-weeks, and 52-weeks, there's an answer to YOUR business growth and development issues just waiting for you to ask for the help you need.

Jay Handler

Business Transformer Extraordinaire

⚠️ WARNING: I'm NOT for everyone!

In the realm of business transformation, Jay Handler is a force to be reckoned with. He has a track record of catapulting businesses, Chambers of Commerce, and Trade Associations worldwide, and specializes in accelerating growth, defying limits, and maximizing revenue. Over 500 clients can attest that 5 months with Jay is equivalent to 5 years of experience or more.

From brutal honesty to revenue-boosting strategies, Jay and his team delivers results. Jay's approach is no-nonsense—he tells the truth even when it's tough, and action is non-negotiable. Whether through management consulting, cultivating thought leaders, or fostering business growth, Jay Handler Consulting is here to propel your organization to unprecedented success.

Available for speaking engagements, coaching, and collaborations, he brings a relentless drive to transform businesses.

On a personal note, as a proud father and grandfather, my passion extends beyond boardrooms. With roots as a graduate and former faculty member at the Institute for Organization Management, my journey spans across the US, Calgary, Puerto Vallarta, Karachi, Kabul, Dubai, Cape Town, Nairobi, Nassau, and more.

Let's not just grow your business; let's make it thrive.

Ready for the challenge?


Frank Burgoyne

I met Jay when I heard him on "ClubHouse" running his room entitled “Fight for Your Business” where Jay helps business owners build, expand, and thrive in their businesses. Everytime I listed to him I gained knowledge and felt motivated. I was so impressed by Jay’s generosity to want to help business owners. In addition, Jay had owned businesses himself in the past, so he had personal knowledge of what it takes to build a business that I found very appealing. I joined Jay’s "Acceleration Academy" in 2022 which is a group for business owners where he weekly trains, coaches, and mentors us on either starting a business or expanding it. In addition, I signed up for a VIP program which enabled me to work with him one on one as well. I had been in business for several years but was feeling stuck and was wanting input on how to take my business to the next level. Jay was able to help me go back and first make sure the foundation of my business was strong. He helped me tweak my marketing, and my sales conversations, and I started to gain traction and increased my sales from working with him. He helped me completely revise my sales calls and I got immediate results from his suggestions. He also encouraged me to raise my prices, something I was dragging my feet on. I continue to learn from Jay and find both his knowledge, real world expertise, and his ability to inspire extremely helpful. Jay is the real deal. He tells like it is, and is a great guy to work with. I highly recommend Jay if you are starting a business or if you've been in business and need to take it to the next level.

Brandy Hollaway

I can't tell you how grateful that my path crossed with Jay's on Clubhouse. He reached out when he started the Fight For Your Business Club and the rest is history.

He gives back so much incredible value and knowledge to everyone with his straight shooter attitude. He's ridiculously good at connecting you to exactly what and who you need for your business to grow and scale! If you haven't jumped on a strategy call with this man... you are missing out!!!!

Theresa Byers

I recently worked with Jay during our Membership Campaign where we grew our Chamber by just over 10%. Jay is enthusiastic, compassionate and truly believes in helping YOUR Chamber succeed. He understands the value of membership and engagement and is able to share his knowledge to encourage and excite the teams of volunteers that work with your organization. I would recommend Jay to work with YOUR Chamber or association anytime. Jay is a great asset to the Chamber world!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my business quickly without a massive budget?

Start by identifying low-hanging fruit – quick wins that don't require significant investment. Focus on optimizing your existing processes, leveraging cost-effective marketing strategies, and enhancing customer engagement. Remember, success is about resourcefulness, not just resources.

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What's the key to effective time management for business owners?

It's about ruthless prioritization. Clearly define your top priorities, delegate tasks that don't align with your strengths, and embrace productivity tools. Also, schedule specific blocks of time for focused work and guard them like gold. Consistent, intentional time management is the backbone of business success.

Join us weekdays in FFYB MasterMinds

Or register for a free 30-minute session with me

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How can I stand out in a saturated market?

Differentiation is the name of the game. Clearly define what makes your business unique, focus on delivering exceptional value, and build a compelling brand story. Consistent branding, exceptional customer service, and staying ahead of industry trends will make you stand out even in the most crowded markets.

Join us weekdays in FFYB MasterMinds

Or register for a free 30-minute session with me

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