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The Ideal Customer Profile Workbook

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About the Author

Jay Handler, IOM


Jay Handler is the CEO of Handler Consulting. He has fifteen years of experience in radio advertising sales and sales management, helping businesses in virtually every possible industry to grow. He is an expert in helping business owners have an automated business so they can live their dream life. Jay has also worked with clients in South Africa, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Canada and more. He enjoys working with people from around the world.

Jay is undoubtedly one of the better motivational business coaches and consultants in the world today. His exceptional coaching skills and unique approach towards each individual he encounters sets him apart from others in the field. Jay’s extensive experience and knowledge in various domains has helped him to instill a strong sense of confidence and motivate people to achieve their goals. With Jay coaching you, you’re in good hands!

What You Can Learn

Here are the top 4 key takeaways you will gain by using the ICP Workbook

Comprehensive Customer Profiling

The ICP Workbook guides users through in-depth chapters on demographics, psychographics, sociographics, and behavioral traits. This leads to a detailed and comprehensive customer profile, enabling businesses to understand their audience on a profound level.

Identification of Pain Points and Desires

The workbook delves into the wants, needs, desires, and pain points of the target audience. Identifying these aspects helps businesses address customer concerns, fulfill unmet needs, and provide solutions that resonate with their audience on an emotional level.

Holistic Insight into Customer Behavior

Users will gain a deep understanding of their ideal customer's purchasing behavior, media consumption habits, and decision-making processes. This knowledge is invaluable for tailoring marketing strategies, enhancing product development, and fostering brand loyalty.

Strategic Approach to Loyalty and Advocacy

Understanding the factors that contribute to brand advocacy and customer loyalty is crucial for long-term success. The ICP Workbook provides insights into loyalty triggers, advocacy channels, and effective loyalty programs, allowing businesses to cultivate lasting relationships with their customers.

A Complete Overview

Take a look at what you'll find inside:








Behavioral Traits


Media Consumption


Wants, Needs, Desires


Decision Process



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Readers Thoughts


Casie W...

I struggled like crazy trying to identify my "perfect client". I thought "well I can help anyone.... so everyone is my perfect client"

The thing is, that's not true - for ANYONE. but this workbook.....IS FOR EVERYONE!!!

If you're like me and find yourself struggling trying to figure out who, where, and ow to find your ideal client, you HAVE to get this workbook now!


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